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Title:Your Weight Has Nothing to Do with Cellulite.
Category:Health: Weight Loss
Description:One of the biggest myths out there about cellulite is the belief that you have to be overweight to get cellulite because, well: IT JUST ISNT TRUE! In fact, skinny people tend to have some of the worst cases of cellulite (at least in terms of how it looks and affects their social life). In simplest terms, cellulite is just fat that happens to be in contact with your skins connective tissue and this is what causes the fat dimples and unsightly appearance we hate so much. And because even skinny peoples metabolism slows down as they age, these fat deposits that lead to cellulite can form on skinny or overweight peoplesimple as that. And once the cellulite forms, exercise alone will NOT be enough to eliminate it!
Link Owner:Deon Christie
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