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Be a Golden-Bronze Goddess without Spending a Bunch of Gold

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Are you always envious of the thousands of gorgeous, toned, tanned women you see everywhere you go these days? Have you heard the reports about how harmful the sun can be for your skin over the long term? If you have been wondering what their secret it, now you won't have to wonder anymore. Thanks to Sun Laboratories amazing self tanner you can be a sexy bronzed Goddess too! There are literally thousands of different tanning products on the store shelves these days and it's easy to get confused when trying to decide which one to buy. There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing your first tanning product. First of all, think about how dark you want to look. You don't want to buy a tanner that is too dark or too light for your skin color. Most products are labeled light, medium, dark, or extra dark. Try a small sample on the back of your hand to get a general idea of which one to choose. Secondly, how long do you want your tan to last? A few days, a week, as long as possible? Check the website for your tanning product or read the label and it should give you a general indication of how long one application will last. Sun Laboratories' website even has tips on how you can make your self-tan last longer. Amazing, isn't it? How to Apply Your New Safe Tan in Your own Home To begin, go to www.sunlabsonline.com to view product information, cautions, and sexy before and after pictures of women who have used these amazing products. Decide on which product and shade is right for you and make your purchase. When you get your product and are home in your bathroom (it is possible to make a mess when using products such as these so always apply in your bathroom or outside your home), take off all of your clothes to ensure you can apply the product to every inch of your skin. For best results, ask a friend or family member to be there with you to help apply the product to your back and other areas that are hard for you to reach on yourself. Apply the product as directed on the bottle and allow it to dry. It make take up to 24 hours to see the full results. After 24 hours, look in the mirror and see your wonderful new tanned, sexy self! When your tan starts to fade, just reapply. It really is that easy to get an amazing and safe tan that everyone dreams about. To summarize, tanning under the sun is very harmful towards your skin so definitely choose a self tanning product you can apply yourself in the convenience of your home. Make sure you choose the right shade of tanner for your skin color and be carefeul not to get the tanning product on any white clothes or furniture because it will stain anything you touch while the product is drying on your skin. And, finally, always choose Sun Laboratories self tanning products for your tanning needs and always look your best. Tanning your skin instantly make you look thinner and more attractive. That's a fact. Now, go out there and get your tan on, girl!
Date Added: January 19, 2014 10:17:08 AM
Author: Edward Kennan

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