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Tidjoori- The one stop food store for your choice health foods to evoke your taste buds

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Tidjoori food and beverages holds 15years experience in food market. It has come up with a goal to enrich food lovers with a wide range of organic vegan food varieties. Tidjoori foods promise its clients/customers with organic food with proper nutritive value for a healthy living with the balanced diet. Tidjoori is committed to produce tasty vegetarian food that is non-dairy and meat free. Utmost care is taken for the food preparation that looks very stylish, modern by holding its nutritive value and taste unchanged. Children love eating out, and mostly prefer junk and unhealthy foods. Unhealthy eating habits of children take its toll over a period of time resulting in obesity. It is really disappointing to think of the coming generation with the damaging kind of foods those are tasty but unhealthy which lead to the major health problem. We at Tidjoori are happy to say that our concept is spreading into Middle East and Asian markets --- our products are available in supermarkets in Dubai and Hong Kong. This is a positive sign towards a healthy tomorrow. It is good to see the welcoming attitude of the new generation towards Tidjoori food products. The main goal of the Tidjoori food and beverages is to provide good and healthy vegan food for people who care for health for this generation and next generation. All of our products are made from the finely chosen ingredients. All of our products are Organic and purely natural, plant based products. Vegan foods are rich in micro nutrients and vitamins which are easily absorbed by the body to keep up good health. You can be assured while consuming for yourself or while recommending our products to your close friends. All our products are prepared with great care and are been certified by independent certifying bodies. As you run down our product range/choice you may find a wide range of non-dairy, meat free, no cholesterol or low cholesterol products. Choosing vegan food does not always mean the religious reasons but it is for people conscious about their health as well. With all the support of our satisfied customers across the markets, we are moving forward to serve the community with our green concept by our new-born restaurant, “Tidjoori Restaurant”. Every recipe, every dish tastes good, enjoy tasty fat-burning recipes at Tidjoori Restaurant that will give you the fuel you need to feel amazing. From breakfast to dinner, and snacks to dessert, you'll be looking forward to each delicious choice.
Date Added: April 07, 2015 08:59:52 AM
Author: krishna koemar

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