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Tips on VB6 Diet and Dietary Deficiencies

Category: Health

Who would not want to have a slim and fit body? You must have seen that people are always searching for means to lead a happy and healthy life. They follow a certain workout regime, do exercises, and even follow a healthy food chart. Have you ever tried going vegan? Well, it surely does not top the chart for many people. There are some people who love non vegetarian food and cannot live without having it at least once or twice a week. However, with the help of the VB6 diet you do not have to be a full time but a part time vegan. This diet has gained immense popularity among people. Many people before going for VB6 Diet wonder whether or not the diet will work for them. If you too are one among them, you can rely on this diet to lose some pounds. In this you are required to exercise for certain time. There are innumerable benefits of the VB6 Diet plan. As it is completely plant based it is one of the best ways to cut down on calorie consumption. There are many sites that cater to the need of offering all the information you need on the VB6 Diet and other diet plans. They are the best source and keep you well informed. You can blindly rely on them to get any information on vitamins, diet plans and more. They are a one stop solution to get complete guide to even deficiencies such as: 1.Folic Acid Deficiency – Folic acid is mainly a type of vitamin B. It is the most needed nutrient, as it helps in repairing and producing DNA and red blood cells. It is highly recommended to consume at least 400 micrograms of this nutrient on a daily basis. The main cause of Folic Acid Deficiency is not consuming foods with proper portions of folic acid. The foods that have folic acid are vegetables, fruits, and fortified cereals. Pregnant women are more prone to this deficiency as the body needs folic acid to support the fetus growth. Some common symptoms of this comprise of: Growth problems Fatigue Mouth sores Gray hairs Swelling of tongue 2.Riboflavin Deficiency – It is quite a serious problem and should be brought to the notice of a health care provider immediately. Riboflavin plays a pivotal role in the chemical reactions. This leads to deficiencies in various parts of the body. There are two major types of Riboflavin Deficiency namely: Primary – This happens when you do not consume right and enough foods that are rich in nutrients, mainly comprising meat, dairy products and fortified grains. Secondary – It takes place when a person has enough Riboflavin but the body is unable to absorb the same. This happens mainly due to the intake drugs and alcohol, which eventually lead to liver diseases and other harmful conditions. The common symptoms consist of: Fatigue Pale and cracked lips Tongue getting dark and deep red Learn more about these nutrients on informative websites. Dawn Day is the author of this article on Riboflavin Deficiency. Find more information, about Vitamin B7 here
Date Added: February 10, 2015 03:55:32 AM
Author: DawnDay

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