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Skellerup Holdings is the leading investment holdings company in New Zealand

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When it comes to the realm of specialty products including vacuum pumps and technical polymer products, the number one name in the industry has got to be Skellerup. With headquarters located in Auckland, New Zealand, Skellerup Holdings Limited began more than a century ago and now operates all around the world operating 13 individual businesses that each specialize in a product line that is tops in its field. The mission of Skellerup Holding is to develop and bring to market the most competitive and highest quality products that innovate while maintaining dependability in their respective niche markets. There are two divisions - one that specializes in agricultural products and the other that specializes in industrial or medical applications. The agricultural companies of Skellerup Holding are actually second in the world for rubber products for dairy use such as filters and tubing. They are a global leader when it comes to health products for dairy animals. The family of agricultural business companies in Skellerup Holdings Limited include Stevens Filterite with filters that strain out sediment in milk within the collection process; Conewango that distributes liners, filters, and tubing for dairy production use through the United States and Canada; Ambic which develops and produces products that assist with hygiene and health management of dairy livestock, being a world leader for mastitis prevention and detection; and of course, Skellerup Industries which leads the world in producing rubberware for use in food grade dairy operations, and rubber foot ware coveted worldwide for comfort and durability. The industrial line up for this premier investment holding company includes DEKS which produces waterproofing and sealing products for the roofing and plumbing industries that are in use worldwide; Gulf Rubber which manufactures and designs a wide range of molded thermoplastic and rubber products that includes gaskets, diaphragms, washers, pipe seals and more that are used in the automotive, mining, industrial, and medical uses; Tumedei which specializes in technical polymer goods and is a global leader for diaphragms used in the gas market; Ultralon that produces closed cell foam product lines; Masport with their vacuum pumps and systems; Thorndon Rubber which specializes in rubber sheeting and roller recovery within several industries; and Flexiflo/Skellerup which produces a wide range of rubber products and insulation for several industrial uses. All of the industrial and agri-business leaders, under the umbrella of Skellerup Holdings Limited, provide a great opportunity for investment as the need for these products never goes down or away. The demand for high quality products in these lines will continue to grow steadily, and the profits from investment in them will also continue to climb in a slow and sure fashion. Investments made in Skellerup Holdings Limited will be long-term growth opportunities for savvy investors who want to add some diversity to their portfolios but maintain a rock solid profile. Average net dividend, both interim and final, from 2010 through 2014 was 3.5, which is nice and healthy. There are elements of roots sunk deep into the bedrock of New Zealand mixed with high tech design, development, and production of goods that are needed around the world with Skellerup Holdings.
Date Added: February 08, 2015 10:02:42 AM
Author: Cash Rule

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