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Trip To Amarnath -The Holy Shrine

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Shri Amarnath Cave (Ice Lingam at Amarnath Cave) Shri Amarnath is considered to be one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism. Ice Lingam in Amarnath cave is formed naturally through ice. Amarnath cave is a very famous Hindu shrine located in Jammu & Kashmir, India. Amarnath Cave is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Amarnath cave is located about 141 kilometers from Srinagar via Pahalgam town route. The cave is surrounded by snowy mountains. You will see snow everywhere on mountains and also over the cave. One of the major reasons to visit Amarnath is to see two pigeons near cave. These pigeons are alive and stay near the cave and can be visible to anyone who visits the cave. Mostly the cave is covered with snow whole of the year except for a short duration in summer when it is open for pilgrims. Importance of amaranth cave is that Lingam is formed naturally through ice inside the cave. Every year thousands of Hindu devotees visits Amarnath cave through a very difficult mountain terrain to see an ice lingam formed inside the cave. It is believed that it was discovered by a shepherd in the 15th century once again when it was forgotten after Middle Ages. Amarnath Yatra is one of the toughest yatra in India. Inside the 130 ft high Amarnath cave, the ice lingam is generated due to freezing of water drops falling from the top of roof of the cave on to the floor and that rapidly grows up vertically from the cave floor, that is known to be a Shiva Lingam by Hindu Religion. This ice lingam is completely natural and beautiful. According to a Hindu beliefs , this is the cave where Shiva explained the secret of life and eternity to his wife and divine consort, Parvati. Two other ice formations represent Parvati and Shiva’s son, Lord Ganesha. This explanation of secret of life was also listening by a pigeon couple. These pigeons are alive since then and can be seen now also near the Amarnath Cave. The main purpose of the annual pilgrimage to the cave is worship of the ice stalagmite Lingam and to see this pigeon couple. The size of ice lingam varies every years. According to Hindu belief, Lord Shiva left the Bull, called Nandi at Pahalgam (Also known as Bail Gaon). At Chandanwari, he released the Moon from his hair (Known as Jataon). On the banks of Lake Sheshnag, Lord Shiva released his snakes (Known as Vasiki). At Mahagunas Parvat (Known as Mahaganesh Mountain), he left his son Lord Ganesha. At Panjtarni, he left behind the five elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky. Lord Shiva performed the Tandava Dance as a symbol of sacrificing the earthly world. Then Lord Shiva along with Parvati finally entered the Holy Amarnath Cave. Devotees travel on foot, either from Srinagar or from Pahalgam. This journey takes around five days. Devotees can also take shorter northern route that is about sixteen kilometers long, that is quite difficult to climb. This route starts from Baltal and move through Domial, Barari, and Sangam to move to the cave. The north route is along the Amarnath valley . Some of the devotees travel through helicopter and through horses. During this route we can also see the river Amaravath, which originates from Amarnath Glacier. Children below the age of 14 years and person above the age of 62 are not allowed for this Amaranth yatra. Pilgrims should start Amarnath yatra with proper guidance for safe, healthy and secured journey. Article Source: http://www.trip2horizon.com/blog/trip-to-amarnath/ Trip2Horizon Team Email: info@trip2horizon.com www.trip2horizon.com
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